17-Point Buck Killed By Hunters ‘Kind Of A Jerk Anyway’ Say Other Deer

(Meadville, PA) The shooting of a 17-point buck in Crawford County has drawn considerable attention from both hunting enthusiasts and activists opposed to the practice.

Local deer reached for comment say while they vigorously oppose all hunting, this was not an incident they were going to make too much of a fuss over.

“Obviously his being shot dead is absolutely wrong. But he was kind of a jerk if I’m being honest.”

Rumors that some deer were actively called for his death were dismissed as nothing more than talk in the heat of the moment.

“I’d be lying if I said I’d never wished for him to be shot by a drunk redneck in a tree stand, but that wasn’t intended to be taken literally.”

In addition to being a loudmouth and a bully, the deceased also lacked grace in the art of courtship, according to this 12-point buck who won’t be shedding tears anytime soon.

“I met this really nice doe last year and things were going great until he came along. Let’s just say the word ‘consent’ is not in his vocabulary.”

Though they find the killing of any wild animal tragic, local deer say the irony of him being a vocal Trump supporter just like the hunters who killed him is not lost on them.

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