2020 Census To Ask If Obama Was A Bad President Or A Bigly Bad President

Now it has been printed details are emerging about the 2020 Census, which includes a question on whether Obama was a Bad President or a Bigly Bad President.

Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross said those who failed to complete all the questions could be subject to legal penalties.

“And all those who don’t tick Bigly Bad”

Another question addresses the President’s propsed border wall.

“You are invited to say whether you want a 30 foot border wall or a 35 foot border wall.”

Though there is no citizenship question there is a mandatory essay where you have to explain how you would feel on learning ICE was at your front door.

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  1. Karen Cline | July 7, 2019 at 2:34 pm | Reply

    tRump is crazy beyond belief! He needs to get over Obama being such a great person, a great and loved president, wonderful father and the fact that he, tRump, will never remotely be 1% Obama was and is. Surely there is some type of law that says he cannot ask any stupid questions such as, was Obama a bad president or a bigly bad president???

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