2nd Plane Full Of Sickened Passangers Just A Spirit Airlines Flight

Image credit: 'N503NK Landing FLL' by Flickr user JTOcchialini license CC BY-SA 2.0.

(JFK Airport) A second plane at JFK airport full of sick passengers caused authorities to consider quarantine yet again today.

“Tensions were high after the Emirates incident so when we received reports of a planeload of miserable unhealthy looking passengers we feared the worst.”

The decision was made to quarantine the plane, until ground staff noted the garish yellow paint job.

“Cancel the emergency – it’s just a Spirit flight.”

With the poor pallor and unhappy disposition of the passengers explained, it then became imperative to get them off the plane as soon as possible.

“Every extra minute spent squeezed into those tiny seats is a minute too long.”

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