Additional Pinching Tiny Hand Emoji Introduced For Use By President

Following the release of the new “pinching hand” emoji, an additional emoji has been released to meet the needs of the highest office in the land.

“We would be derelict in our duty if we didn’t release a special “pinching tiny hand” emoji given what a fan of using twitter the President is.

As has been the trend in this more woke time, the original pinching hand emoji is available in a range of different skin tones, though the newest release is so far only available in one color.

“The pinching tiny hand emoji currently just comes in orange, which seemed appropriate, and there have been no complaints so far.

Those who find the pinching hand emoji inadequate to fully express the smallness they are after are encouraged to use the pinching tiny hand emoji instead.

“Though we introduced it with President Trump in mind, it’s free for anyone to use if they want.”

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