Air Force Promises Trump Huge Flyover By Invisible F-35 Jets During July 4th Parade

The struggling F-35 stealth fighter has a powerful ally in President Trump now, who is greatly impressed by the aircraft because, as he has explained numerous times, they are actually invisible and not just impervious to detection by radar.

“You could be right next to one and you won’t see it.”

The Air Force has taken note of how impressed their Commander in Chief is by the F-35, and have offered him a flyover by thousands of the advanced aircraft for his planned July 4th celebration.

“A man of your stature deserves to be honored by the fastest most advanced machines we have, not stupid tanks.”

Fortunately for  air travelers, commercial flights will be unaffected as the enormous squadron of fighter jets will simply maneuver around them.

“Our pilots are that good.”

Even better, the USAF development team overseeing its production say they have recently made even more improvements to the stealth fighter aircraft.

“Not only is the F-35 invisible, but we’ve managed to make it completely silent now too.”

They look forward to organizing the huge military flyover in honor of President Trump, as long as they get a big budget increase to pay for it.

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8 Comments on "Air Force Promises Trump Huge Flyover By Invisible F-35 Jets During July 4th Parade"

  1. Next NY Post Headline; Has the President fallen for a new interest? Staring at the sun?

  2. Let’s ALL look up at the appointed time and marvel at the wonder of those stealth f-whatever’s!

  3. Timothy Verstegen | February 28, 2019 at 10:53 pm | Reply

    Aren´t these the same planes Barry Obummer used to fly that $150,000.000,000 over to the Radical Iranian mullals to help fund all kinds of Terrorism?

  4. What an idiot! Everybody knows you have to put on Sun glasses to see invisible airplanes.

  5. The emperor’s new clothes.

  6. Peter Montreuil | August 19, 2018 at 4:01 pm | Reply


  7. Hilarious. My first really good laugh of the day.

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