American Wishes Foreign Muslims Would Stop Ruining His Peaceful Nation

A local man has backed President Trump’s travel ban to keep out Muslims seeking to enter the United States. This is crucial, he maintains, to preserve the peaceful nature of the country he loves so much.

“Our harmonious society must not be put at risk.”

He is also thankful to have a leader who understands the need to prevent Americans being exposed to poisonous ideologies from overseas.

“If we don’t, our loving citizenry might turn hateful.”

Another concern is what these foreigners could bring with them, as there are countries out there that allow just anyone to get hold of dangerous weapons.

“They might even smuggle firearms into the United States, God forbid.”

The point, he says, is that America works best without the influx of people from other nations.

“The only people who belong here are those whose ancestors have always been here.”

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