America’s Corporations Worry They’re Not Exploiting PRIDE Enough “We could be doing so much more!”

As the nation enters PRIDE month, a number of Fortune 500 companies expressed fears today that they are not doing enough during this time when we all celebrate LGBTQIA2S+ diversity, according to an industry insider.

“They feel there is so much more they could be doing to promote awareness of their brands.”

One CEO explained how he nearly messed up by using the old rainbow flags from previous years before someone pointed out there is a newer more inclusive flag now in use.

“Which shows we cannot be content with exploiting these communities in the same way we always have. We must always ask ourselves if there are new niches to cynically exploit.”

He pledged to keep doing better in future in order to protects the interests of vulnerable bottom lines.

“It’s extremely important to us that we be as inclusive as possible and not leave any groups, however marginalized, out of our exploitation.”

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