Ancient Form Of Entertainment Called ‘Theatre’ Discovered All Over Pittsburgh!

If you're looking for theatre, this place can hook you up.

There’s a new fad in Pittsburgh, though if you’re old enough to know what a rotary phone is, you just might know what it is already. Called ‘The Theatre’, it was thought to have died out long ago, but has been secretly nurtured by organized gangs of seniors who pay ‘subscriptions’ to keep the old ways alive.

Thanks to strong outreach efforts, however, some young people have discovered the joys of this novel way to pass the time – during which you may even learn something about human nature that is not adequately addressed by movies and TV.

“This is how the ancient Greeks entertained themselves. To go to this ‘theatre’ is literally to go back in time!”

Millennials experiencing theatre for the first time had some issues. Though they mostly enjoyed it, many couldn’t quite grasp the non-streaming nature of what they were witnessing.

“Some of the action is so lifelike it has to be seen to believed – and the CGI is so advanced I couldn’t even tell when it was being used!!! #Throwback”

Younger audience members were also frustrated that you had to be there to watch at a fixed time instead of it being available ‘on-demand’ wherever you happened to be in the mood. Those who engaged in repeat viewings also complained that there were subtle differences from one performance to the next.

“Whichever lossy compression algorithm they’re using to deliver this plain sucks.”

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