Anger As Trump Pardons Director Tom Hooper For Making The Movie CATS

(The White House) It has emerged that President Trump intends to grant a ‘full and unequivocal pardon’ to film director Tom Hooper for his role in making the movie CATS, based on the musical of the same name. This follows a recent pattern of dubious pardons that many feel are unjustified.

“First General Flynn and now this – which is much much worse by the way.”

Trump was insistent, however, that Mr. Hooper was deserving of the power bestowed upon him to excuse even the greatest of crimes.

“Sometimes people make mistakes in the folly of youth and someone tragically dies, and sometimes people like Tom make even huger mistakes like CATS. They too deserve clemency.”

The move has proved controversial, with even some of his own base of die-hard supporters feeling this a step too far.

“He must have been paid off by Universal or something for this one. None of the others – but this one for sure.”

However, Presidential historians argue that, much like when Ford pardoned Nixon, this is the correct course of action however unpalatable it may be to the public at large.

“This is not to say that bringing CATS to the screen in that way wasn’t a gravely evil act. But, like in other times when the United States has endured terrible national suffering, there comes a point when you have to put it behind you and move on.”

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