ANTIFA Critics Proved Right After Immense Plot To Disrupt Law And Order Is Uncovered

Proving the Trumpers were right all along, a massive plot by ANTIFA to disrupt an orderly conservative society was uncovered today in a development sure to throw new light on the nebulous organization some say was behind the Capitol Riot in January 2021.

Mysteriously called ‘D-Day’ in an indication of how shady this organization is, the operation was planned in secret – with numerous deception plans used to throw right-minded lovers of law and order in occupied Western Europe off the scent. Perhaps most satisfying to critics like Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, the revelation backs up his accusation that ANTIFA is a violent entity.

“You wouldn’t believe the amount of firepower these thugs amassed!”

The shocking reveal bolsters the right’s longstanding claim that all ANTIFA cares about is doing damage to property and generally causing havoc.

“No pillbox was safe from being set ablaze by these unruly hooligans!”

Though that operation was carried out on foreign soil, further digging suggests equally daring devilish operations were carried out in North America going back centuries.

“These loathsome ne’er-do-wells were looting tea in Boston long before Foot Locker came along. For shame!”

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