Apple CEO Tim Cook Explains What Error 53 Means In Plain Language

The dreaded iPhone ‘Error 53’ message, which can occur when updating your device to iOS 9, has been acknowledged by Apple CEO Tim Cook who did his best to describe in plain language what the error code means.

“Basically it translates to Ha Ha Fuck You.”

The new feature, which the company insists is not a bug, is activated when the upgraded phone performs a self-diagnostic ostensibly as part of new security features related to Apple Pay. This results in the device becoming useless if it has previously been tampered with in any way, including having parts replaced.

“They said with Steve Jobs gone no-one would be able to mess with customers at that level again, but I think Tim has gone and outdone him!”

Though other sources gave longwinded jargon-heavy explanations of why users were getting the error code, when reached for further comment, the Apple CEO confirmed that it was really very simple.

“You may have thought you were pretty clever when you took your cracked screen to a third party dealer to have it replaced and it worked out. But our latest software upgrade recognizes the foreign parts and turns your iPhone into a $700 paperweight. Ha Ha Fuck You.”

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  1. People should be made aware of this issue when they buy the device. Not to let them know is not ethical

  2. That’s CrApple in full detail for you… They just want money. They don’t care about the quality or anything….

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