Apple Introduces 7 Foot Tall iPhone Able To Display Full-Size Selfies

(Cupertino, CA) Apple CEO Tim Cook finally managed to surprise Mac aficionados today in a manner to match the late Steve Jobs with the shock release of the iPhoneGR8. Standing just over 7 feet tall, it allows the user to display a whole-body selfie – something Cook terms a ‘belfie’ – in real world dimensions.

“We see full-size belfies as the way of the future, and with this new iPhone you can view them as they are meant to be seen.”

The touchscreen phone is the largest available today by a wide margin, with a display that allows you to open over 50 documents or browser windows simultaneously without any being hidden. Video conferencing will also be available in full screen mode, and will be like nothing you’ve experienced before.

“Say you’re standing at the bus-stop and wish to converse with your friend. With our Facetime app running on the iPhoneGR8, it’s like they are standing there right next to you!”

Cook admits the enlarged iPhone will cannibalize some other existing devices, but as they are ones Apple have not traditionally dominated it remains a sound strategy.

“We expect to grab some of the Big Screen TV market, as the iPhoneGR8 will be perfect for that also if you have a friend there to help you rotate it to a horizontal orientation.”

Prices for the new unlocked iPhoneGR8 start at $35,000, with an even larger model, the iPhoneGR8+, available for basketball players and other very tall people.

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