Arby’s Wins Contract To Cater U.S. State Dinners Through 2025

Fast food purveyor Arby’s has announced it is entering an exciting new era today, after winning a tender to cater U.S. State Dinners to honor visiting foreign leaders through 2025.

“Overseas dignitaries will now get to sample the loaded curly fries that represent the best of America.”

Though the food will be the same as in its drive-through locations, there will be some changes to its description to follow White House tradition. For example the main feature of the meal, Arby’s Classic Roast Beef, will instead be described on menus as Iridescent Shavings de Beouf avec le Sauce Spéciale.

“The only concern we have about this venture is not getting paid if we don’t demand the money up front, which we will.”

Saying it was disappointed not to win the current tender, Popeyes plans to launch an aggressive campaign to win the right to serve up U.S. State Dinners next time it comes up for bid.

3 Comments on "Arby’s Wins Contract To Cater U.S. State Dinners Through 2025"

  1. Runs With Scissors | March 6, 2019 at 1:01 am | Reply

    Arby’s wouldn’t GET the contract because they COST too much! They don’t have a “dollar menu”!

    The REAL “news” here is that the owners of Chick Filet aren’t either outraged at the slight for missing the opportunity to cater to their base…. OR are too big of cheapskates to sponsor (enable?) this level of Presidental hospitality!

  2. With recent news I was afraid for several seconds that this was real.

  3. Arby’s obviously wouldn’t take such a contract, because they wouldn’t be paid.

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