Australia Warns Rest Of World That 2022 Is Massive Shitstorm: “Don’t do it, mate!”

Don't be fooled by the Fireworks.

It’s already the year 2022 in Australia and the message from Down Under to the rest of the world couldn’t be clearer.

“You know how bad 2021 was? Well, it only gets worse. Don’t do it, mate!”

Despite their reputation for being grounded outdoorsy types, they are highly sensitive to all the bullshit that goes on the in World.

“Stay in 2021 if you can, or better yet go back to 2020 or even earlier. It’s not even been one full day and already we are totally buggered!”

They warn everyone not to be fooled by their appearance as happy revelers.

“We’re Australian so we always look like we’re having a blast, even when we’re dead inside.”

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2 Comments on "Australia Warns Rest Of World That 2022 Is Massive Shitstorm: “Don’t do it, mate!”"

  1. Very good post! We will be linking to this particularly great content on our site. Keep up the great writing.

  2. I wish I had a preservation chamber that I could sleep through 2022 and check back in in 2023. I guess if you are wealthy enough that would not be a problem. Many elites will do just this. They are the ones who set this shit storm in motion. They know they are invincible.

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