Bed Bug Disgusted To Learn It’s Infesting A Trump Hotel Mattress

A bed bug was shocked today to learn it was infesting the mattress in a room at the Trump International hotel in Washington, DC.

The parasite, which hails from the metropolitan NYC area, hitched a ride from a lobbyist who checked into the property owned by the President.

It is said to be particularly concerned about the people it will be feeding off, given President Trump’s love of dictators and other underhand types.

It asks that someone please check into room 237 and leave their suitcase open on the bed so it can relocate to a more suitable home.

12 Comments on "Bed Bug Disgusted To Learn It’s Infesting A Trump Hotel Mattress"

  1. I am so grateful for your blog article. Cool.

  2. LaPorte Resident | December 18, 2019 at 1:38 am | Reply

    I hope whoever commented here gets bed bugs.

  3. I hope whoever was in 237, they take the bug with them and visit the WH…

  4. Excellent Comments. 🏆

  5. Yes D.C hotel u will get bed bugs its true one of my friend also saw same thing

  6. Poor Trump bug. I’d runtoo. Naasty little fuckers.

  7. Room 237! What a great reference to the shining!!

  8. Just because all D.C. hotels have Bed Bugs doesn’t mean we can’t feel bad for the ones who wind up in a Chump property!! I can’t STAND bed bugs but they are definitely a few levels above tRump on the food chain.

  9. Sarah Philley | August 6, 2019 at 1:53 pm | Reply


  10. Soon we will find out that the mosquitoes at Mar-A-Lago have been sucking the Trump blood and have contracted whatever it is that makes him batty. We will know that there is an epidemic when we see a mosquito trying to swat himself.

  11. Poor little guy, I feel sad for him (or her) to find itself in such a toxic environment! I hope it finds better accommodations soon….

  12. All D.C. hotels have bed bugs.

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