Ben Affleck Gives First Ever Moving Performance

The actor Ben Affleck has publicly revealed he has completed rehab for alcohol addiction, garnering praise for his message that people shouldn’t feel ashamed to seek out the help they need.

It was also notable for another reason, as it’s believed to be the first ever moving performance delivered by the actor.

Friends and family were happy for Affleck and took note of how much emotion he was able to stir in them, with one relative having a Eureka moment.

“Hey, that was so poignant – maybe you should be in movies or something?”

When reminded that Affleck was already one of Hollywood’s highest paid stars who featured in Pearl Harbor, the person in question clarified their statement.

“I meant real movies with proper emotions – not that Michael Bay shit.”

Interestingly, Affleck has also stared in – and directed – the highly successful movie Argo, however he was aided in that role by portraying a man who had to maintain a constant blank expression to avoid detection.

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