Ben Carson Stepping Down To Focus On Not Being A Token

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has let it be known he is stepping down at the end of the current term.

At this point in my life I want to spend more time on not being a token than my current position permits.”

This would not be the first time Carson has not been a token, as prior to his involvement with politics he was a world class neurosurgeon and accomplished motivational speaker. He said he was grateful to Trump for allowing him to try something different, but it was time to move on from his professional capacity as First Black Friend.

“While I appreciate all the opportunities to be shown off that President Trump provided me, I would like spend my remaining time before I retire doing something that doesn’t depend on my appearance.”

Carson added that he wouldn’t have made this decision if he felt President Trump could not get by without his services.

“Fortunately he still has Lynne Patton and Kanye, so he’s in safe hands”

Reached for comment, President Trump appeared confused when asked what he thought of Caron’s public statement.

“Why is Ben in the news? It’s not February yet.”

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  1. Uncle Tom finally saw the light. He was being used.

  2. Steve Hooker | March 7, 2019 at 8:03 pm | Reply

    Fake News

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