Bernie Sanders Denounces Math As A Scourge On The United States

Image credit: 'Bernie Sanders' by Flickr user Gage Skidmore license CC BY-SA 2.0.

Democratic ever-hopeful Bernie Sanders has adopted a new target – the discipline of mathematics. He insists the use of numbers has been allowed to get totally out of control in modern society, and we should return to depending far more on passion and depth of feeling in the conduct of human affairs.

“I say to you, from this moment on, nothing should ever be decided on the basis of arithmetic. No good has ever come of it.”

He catalogued a litany of misery at the hands of what he called ‘number fanatics’, including high school calculus, slavery, and the Third Reich.

“You know who else loves math? The banking industry.”

Sanders insists his newfound antipathy to the study of numbers has nothing to do with Clinton technically crossing the threshold to where she is mathematically assured of winning her party’s nomination in July.

“This is not about me but about the fact that mathematics has no place in decent society.”

Sanders then fatally undermined his argument by reminding everyone that he routinely draws crowds of young people that number in the tens of thousands.

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