Betsy DeVos Confirms Trump’s SAT Score Is Super Impressive “It’s even higher than mine!”

One of Michael Cohen’s claims during his extraordinary testimony to the House is that Trump made him pressure schools into not revealing the President’s SAT score.

This has led some people to suggest his SAT score may not be that impressive. To dispel that notion, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has used her influence to privately obtain the score on condition she doesn’t reveal it explicitly.

“I’ve seen his SAT score and I must say I was super impressed!”

She said she was happy to offer the American people assurances that they do not have an academically challenged person in the White House.

“It’s even higher than mine and I’m the Secretary for Education!”

DeVos said she is determined to convey just how smart the President is, even if she cannot reveal his actual SAT score.

“Let’s just say it’s more than I can count to even using all my fingers and toes. Including thumbs!”

3 Comments on "Betsy DeVos Confirms Trump’s SAT Score Is Super Impressive “It’s even higher than mine!”"

  1. Shug McGlumpher | March 4, 2019 at 8:25 am | Reply

    Marl, did you read the strap line under the the bold print Breaking Burgh? Take the MAGA hat off, its cutting off the oxygen to your brain, then write to Betsy and ask for your school fees back.

  2. And, this is the dumbest statement I’ve ever seen from any Sec. of Education (or anyone else). She would have to have Trump’s signature of agreement to obtain his SAT scores. This sounds like a set up because Trump needs someone to claim he’s smarter than he is. He only attended Wharton for two years; and, was ranked second from last in his class. Needless to say he had a very hard time getting into the school until Daddy made a significant donation.

  3. Jerry Onyskiw | March 3, 2019 at 9:19 am | Reply

    I’m dumbfounded. He brags about everything so why not his grades and scores. ????????????

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