Betsy DeVos Tells Elementary School Student To Put Another ‘e’ On ‘Potatoe’

After finally gaining access to an elementary school classroom, Education Secretary Betsy Devos invited the second graders to spell out their favorite food on the board.

Aides became concerned when one student misspelled the word potato, echoing former Republican VP Dan Quayle’s error by putting ‘e’ at the end.

They were relieved when DeVos gently admonished the student for getting it wrong, but relief turned to horror when DeVos instructed the student to add an extra ‘e’, yielding ‘potatoee’.

The visit was then cut short as the school went into lockdown over reports of a grizzly sighting.

2 Comments on "Betsy DeVos Tells Elementary School Student To Put Another ‘e’ On ‘Potatoe’"

  1. robert woodward | February 12, 2017 at 1:52 pm | Reply

    Not only unfit for Sec. of Edu. she also seems to be uneducated

    • How the hell would you know? Did someone die and make you and the rest of the liberals the Gods of education? Something different needs to be done about education in this country! So do we continue to trust the future of our country to people that only went to grade school, middle school, high school, college and then back to grade school? Why do we not teach foreign languages (real languages of the real world; not Spanish of the third world) starting in pre-school. I’ve talked to teachers who don’t even know the existence of Kahn academy! We spend tons of money getting kids to school rather than telling them to stay home a couple of days a week and doing on-line work. You seem unfit to even make a statement such as the one you made!

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