Biden Thanks Trump For Leaving Him Very Nice Finger Painting

(The White House) As he started work in the Oval Office on his very first day as President, Joe Biden said he was pleasantly surprised to find something there waiting for him. Though Former President Trump chose not to attend the inauguration, he did keep up the tradition of leaving a note in the Oval Office for his successor. Biden said he was touched to see the envelop on his desk – and even more touched when he discovered what was inside.

“Donald left me a very nice finger painting, which I can tell he must have worked very hard at.”

As to the contents of the drawing, much of it is unclear, though there was a image of a rocket which aides suspect could be Trump asking the new President to take good care of his Space Force.

“Or maybe he just likes drawing spaceships.”

The authenticity of the letter has been verified as there was speculation former Vice-President Mike Pence might have left it instead out of a sense of duty to tradition. Biden confirmed there is no doubt this was a genuine gesture made by No. 45 himself.

“He even signed it with an imprint of his palm just like my little grandkids do. Only difference is that it’s smaller.”

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