Biden’s First 50 Days A ‘Dismal Failure’ According To His Golf Scorecard

As he passed the 50 day mark, President Biden’s record is being slammed for being virtually non-existent, as he has pointedly failed to deliver when compared to his predecessor. Critics said the President appeared to be putting in no effort whatsoever, which was confirmed today when his golf scorecard was leaked.

“He’s made absolutely no progress whatsoever – none!”

Biden’s pathetic record is in contrast to President Trump who put up impressive numbers in his first fifty days, which he maintained throughout his term in office.

“Though possessed of less natural talent than President Biden, Trump more than made up for it with a steely determination to never miss an opportunity to fill his scorecard.”

Word that President Biden was embarking on a nationwide tour raised hopes that he might finally be getting down to work in places like Pine Valley, NJ, and Augusta, GA – but he reportedly disappointed yet again.

“Turns out he’s just slacking off trying to sell his plan to defeat COVID and save the economy to the American people, when he could be helping the golf course economy with direct infusions of green fees.”

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