Billions Disappointed To Learn Obese Authoritarian Leader Rumored To Be Gravely Ill Is Kim Jong Un

A collective sigh was let out across the globe today as rumors that an obese authortarian Head of State was gravely ill were confirmed to refer to the North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. The celebrations had started when news spread that the overweight leader of a nuclear power was seriously unwell and may not be in a position to continue leading his country, prompting an outburst of delight in all corners of the earth. However the party atmosphere came to a grinding halt when the identity of said leader was revealed.

“It’s just that North Korean guy.”

In nations across the world, people recounted the emotional rollercoaster they had just been put through.

“When I heard a leader with zero empathy who loved being the center of attention was done for I was dancing for joy. But then I found out it was only Kim.”

South Korean news outlets that broke the news apologized for getting everyone’s hopes up.

“We’ll be more careful next time.”

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7 Comments on "Billions Disappointed To Learn Obese Authoritarian Leader Rumored To Be Gravely Ill Is Kim Jong Un"

  1. Funny!

  2. Whoever wrote this article is a worthless liberal piece of shit. I can’t wait to laugh and celebrate with joy when Trump is re-elected! He is the best thing to happen to America and of course the fake news will try to make the sheep think otherwise. God help us all if one of those idiot, liberal, Democrat, piece of shit candidates ever makes it to office!

  3. Fuck you loser

  4. Racine You ger | April 25, 2020 at 2:51 pm | Reply

    Should have told US as soon as they knew first person to have the virus over there! Not tellling til later could have saved life’s from not dying!!!!

  5. There are only 7.5 billion people on the planet. Your obviously an idiot.

  6. Scum

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