‘Blank Screen’ Being Hailed As The Greatest Super Bowl Commercial Of All Time

The Philadelphia Eagles were not the only winners on Sunday night, as a bold imaginative commercial ‘Blank Screen’ won the crown of greatest ever Super Bowl ad, toppling the late Steve Jobs’ ‘Think Different’ ad from its perch.

“Whatever it is the makers of this commercial are selling, I’m buying!”

Critics praised the artistry involved down to the last detail.

“Everything about it was just right, especially the way the filmmakers chose to make all the pixels dark.”

The avant-garde use of total silence also won high praise.

“Clearly the sound designer understands that sometimes silence speaks louder than any noise can.”

Though NBC wouldn’t release any details about who made the commercial, theories already abound online.

“Stanley Kubrick is obviously alive and well making Super Bowl commercials somewhere in England.”

There were some critics however, who, while not disputing the brilliance of ‘Blank Screen’ as a commercial, argue it is not as original as many are making out.

“Let’s just say if the people behind this crewed on the Sopranos when they were starting out, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.”

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