Blue Origin Crew Emerges From Capsule Arguing Over Who Farted

(Van Horn, TX ) Jeff Bezos has successfully completed his first mission into space powered by his Blue Origin rocket just days after fellow billionaire Richard Branson did the same with his craft. However critics who contended that Bezos and his team lacked professionalism were proved right when they emerged from the capsule in a state of high agitation, according to waiting reporters.

“They were in a furious dispute with each other over who let one fly during the ascent.”

Witnesses say the majority of the crew blame Bezos for the SBD incident, but the Amazon founder insisted a full forensic investigation be carried out.

“He’s pretty steamed, and demanded to know what everyone ate for dinner last night.”

Space program historians say professional NASA astronauts of years past would never allow such an asinine matter to cause them to lose focus.

“Everyone knows Buzz Aldrin was cutting the cheese like a bandit during the Apollo 11 mission, but Neil Armstrong did not let that cloud his judgment for a milli-second.”

Suspicion has now fallen on the youngest crew member who rushed to say it definitely wasn’t him before accusing fellow astronaut Wally Funk of committing the offending deed.

“It appears that Oliver is the culprit according to the well-established principle that he who denies it supplies it.”

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  1. He who smelt it deal it.

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