Bob Corker Issues Heartfelt Apology To America’s Day Care Centers

Senator Bob Corker expressed regret today over a twitter post in which he referred to the White House as an “adult day care center”.

Corker has decided that his comments were unfair, as most day care centers are well-run organizations unlike the freewheeling chaos at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I regret my hasty comparison of the White House To Day Care Centers.”

Though his comments clearly implied that the President was a child, Corker regrets that too.

“I have known many fine young children who are well behaved and considerate of others. To lump them together with this President does them a terrible disservice, and I profusely apologize.”

He then started to compare the White House to a carnival circus, before deciding against that as well.

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  1. Me Corker is a disagrace to Tennessee WE voted for TRUMP and this person thinks he know it all Mr Corker makes me so angry He needs to either quit now or keep his mouth closed! He is speaking out complaining about OUR President I’m very upset I vote for hims and Blackman. How could they think they are doing the aright thing by talking down about President Trump when they DON’T do the job we voted them in to do TO support the man we put in the WHITE HOUSE. Stand up and support the President or just stop trying to make the news. We Tennesseeians want the President addenda to move forward please do the job we voted you in to do

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