BOOK PREVIEW: It’s Self-Help For Socialists! (and everyone else too)

WHAT: YIKES! I’M DOING IT WRONG: 14 Reasons Why Your Life Stinks & How To Fix It


WHEN: 18th March 2021 but available for Pre-Order NOW!

HOW MUCH: $4.99 (or 69% of the minimum wage right now)

WHO BY: Breaking Burgh contributor and general life guru Jason Keyes

One of our own has written a book, and not just any book – a SELF-HELP book. We’d love for you to take a chance on it. But don’t just rely on our word – here’s what we imagine some other people would say about YIKES! I’M DOING IT WRONG if they had agreed to review it…

“So very very wrong. Sad!” Former President Donald J Trump

“Full of malfeasance” Local Radio Personality Wendy Bell

“I wouldn’t have killed my dad and got to where I am today if I had read this book beforehand” Supreme Leader Kylo Ren

You will learn how to deal with pesky martyrs, crappy work environments, and why you always give in to that a-hole in your life (and how not too).

Check it out here and consider giving our Jay a boost by putting in a pre-order. It will be delivered to your device on March 18th – so in no time at all!

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