BOOK PREVIEW – The Case Of The Unfinished Pierogies: A Donzi & Jag Mystery

This month local author S. C. Bridges is releasing the first in the series of the Donzi & Jag Mysteries – the local crime detective duo Pittsburgh never knew it needed so much. Yinz can get the first chapter for free by signing up below – so check it aaahhht!

It Really Has Lots Of Pierogies

Donzi carefully picked up one of the untouched pierogies by piercing it with a pen and took a bite. He sloshed the soft filling of the doughy treat around in his mouth like an expert sommelier sampling a fine wine.

Now that's a pierogi made by church ladies or I'm not a Penguins fan.”

What are you thinking?” asked Jag, sensing this was going somewhere.

Ahm thinking we're gonna have to visit every source of freshly-made pierogies in da Burgh to find aht where this came from.”

Won't that be a lot?”

Here's hoping. Nothing better than eating well on the City's dime.”