Boy Genius Figures Out That It’s Guns AND People That Kill People

Not up to much until an adult or child comes along.

You can’t be blamed for believing the gun violence debate is going nowhere these days, with the NRA and gun control advocates both locked into their respective positions of “People kill people” and “Guns kill people”.

But all that is about to change after a young boy in Western Pennsylvania had a startling Eureka moment this past weekend that is receiving nationwide attention.

“I was looking at some rifles on the wall in the gunstore and they didn’t seem to be doing much by themselves. Then I wondered how I could shoot someone if I didn’t have access to a firearm and realized that would be hard. That’s when it came to me – guns AND people kill people!”

The Einsteinian insight that it’s easy access to guns combined with the fact that many people are careless morons or angry nutjobs which is the problem is set to revolutionize the approach to gun violence in the future.

“The great news is that this young man’s revelation means we now have multiple avenues to tackle this problem – both by reducing access to powerful weapons and addressing other societal problems that promote violence.”

Now that the deadlock is broken, the NRA and gun control advocates are expected to meet within weeks to find a joint way forward. But the good news doesn’t even end there, according to experts in these matters.

“Even more exciting is the possibility that this pint-sized polymath’s discovery that not everything is binary may apply to more than one problem.”

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