Brock Turner’s Advocates Say Orlando Shooter Shouldn’t Be Vilified For 180 Minutes Of Action

"He probably liked grilling too."

Horrific events in Orlando, the biggest mass shooting in US history, have left shooter Omar Muteen dead together with a tragic number of victims. The shocking incident began at 2am and only ended when law enforcement resorted to storming the premises around 5am, killing the perpetrator.

Obviously Muteen cannot be tried, but he is being savaged in the press and on social media for his monstrous acts, which is just not right according to supporters of convicted Stanford rapist, Brock Turner.

“This deceased young man shouldn’t have his memory vilified for 180 minutes of action.”

Though they didn’t know Omar, they can speculate what he might have been like based on facts that are emerging. They imagine that, like Turner, he had hobbies and enjoyed being be successful at things and being showered with personal glory.

“He probably also enjoyed his food and liked to make kebabs from scratch.”

When reached for comment, Judge Aaron Persky said there are differences between California and Florida law but if Muteen had lived, he guesses he may have ben sentenced to as much as two years if convicted.

Judge Persky, supporters of Turner, and many religious leaders don’t want to be seen to be blaming the victims, but can’t help feeling that young heterosexual men with fragile egos like Brock and Omar bear too much of the brunt of criticism these days.

“If only women would learn to submit and gays would stop making out with each other, there’d be a whole lot less crime.”

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