California Is No More After Trump Misconstrues Meaning Of ‘Nuclear Option’

The United States is lamenting the destruction of its largest State, California, after a devastating nuclear strike obliterated it from the map.

The cause was the misunderstanding by President Trump of a suggestion by Mitch McConnell to use the ‘nuclear option’ to recover federal funds granted to the unfortunate State.

Reports indicate that as soon as the Senate Majority leader mention the nuclear option, Trump said ‘consider it done’ and sent everyone out of the Oval Office.

The White House issued a statement saying the President was sorry for vaporizing 40 million Americans.

“On the bright side, I’ll probably be re-elected now! #MAGA”

In related news, McConnell has assured Democrats he will no longer threaten to use the nuclear option to pass Senate legislation, in case the President hears about it and decides he want to help.

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