TV Show Debuts In Which Crimes Committed By Cast Of Criminal Minds Are Investigated

The CBS Network has announced the latest addition to its line-up of prime-time police procedurals – a weekly hourlong drama called ‘Investigating Criminal Minds’.

“Now sleuthing fans can watch Criminals Minds followed immediately by Investigating Criminal Minds starring Mandy Patinkin and Laura Linney.”

The new show was inspired by real-life drama on the set of Criminal Minds, which has seen lead actor Thomas Gibson kicked off the show for violent behavior, and guest actor Keith Tisdell sentenced for stealing $60,000 from series regular Shemar Moore.

“There was so much good material here – we felt compelled to make use of it.”

In the pilot, the detectives must hunt down Gibson, played by Chris Noth, who prowls the LA area looking for unsuspecting writers to kick.

By the end of the show the Gibson character is traced to an abandoned warehouse, but not before he has been captured by a team of writers seeking revenge who strip him naked and make him beg for mercy before pumping battery acid into his rectum via a metal hose.

The writing team of Criminal Minds was said to have helped out extensively with the pilot to get the new show off to a good start.

“We’re really proud of our work on that one.”

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