CBS Greenlights Gritty Pittsburgh Police Drama DONZI & JAG

The CBS network has announced a special addition to its Fall lineup – a gritty new police procedural set in Pittsburgh filmed on location over the summer. Though crime shows set explicitly in Pittsburgh have not always fared well, CBS executives believe this has been due to their blatant lack of authenticity, with out-of-town New York types masquerading as Pittsburgh Police Detectives who live in unlikely swanky Mount Washington condos.

“Not so with DONZI & JAG – this will have ‘real’ written all over it.”

Instead of just a few shots of Downtown and brief mentions of the Fort Pitt tunnel, DONZI & JAG will display an encyclopedic knowledge of Pittsburgh roads and traffic problems, often using this to catch fugitives – such as when the pair apprehend a crook on the South Side Slopes who doesn’t realize that half the streets displayed on his smartphone’s navigation app are actually sets of steps. When it comes to accuracy in dialect, the show will follow in the tradition of critical favorite ‘The Wire’ set in nearby Baltimore, meaning that DONZI & JAG will speak full-on Pittsburghese.

“If fans outside of the Southwestern Pennsylvania viewing area don’t need to turn on closed captioning to follow along then we’ll know we’ve failed.”

Most importantly, the writers hope to capture the spirit of Pittsburgh with the two leads, Officer Pete Donzi and his partner Officer Deena ‘Jag’ Jones, who proudly wears her well-earned nickname like a badge of honor.

“Jag is obviously the firecracker of the pair, whereas Donzi is the type of person who’ll calmly say ‘Well, this certainly looks like a bit of a conniption’ no matter whether they’re dealing with a double-parked automobile or a mass shooting with multiple fatalities.”

There will also be plenty of guest appearances. In one episode – ‘Kiss My Keilbasa’ – the two officers are on Mayoral duty, and end up joining forces with real-life Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto to expose a criminal gang passing off store-bought franks as authentic Polish sausage. In fact, there’s so much food involved in the show, that each one hour drama will be edited down to a half-hour show with no crime element called ‘Yinz gonna eat that?’ to be aired on the Food Channel.

Look for DONZI & JAG to premiere this fall on CBS with a special two-hour pilot episode ‘Redd Up’.

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