CDC Traces Local Outbreak Of Stupidity To KDKA Afternoon Radio Show

(Pittsburgh PA)  Scientists from the Centers for Disease Control investigating a local outbreak of acute stupidity in Southwestern Pennsylvania say they have successfully traced it to the source.

“We have located the epicenter of this devastating outbreak to the Wendy Bell Show airing weekdays 3-6pm on KDKA radio.”

Researchers first became alarmed when area residents starting coming down with believing the coronavirus was a hoax. Subsequent patients contracted a different set of dangerously ignorant beliefs, but the CDC cautions that only makes the show even more dangerous.

“This radio broadcast is capable of evading detection by mutating from a show that says the coronavirus is a hoax to one that pushes some other falsehood once it becomes clear to even the dumbest lifeform that it is not a hoax.”

They warn that it continues to be capable of infecting listeners with toxic viewpoints at odds with basic scientific reality.

“Anyone who has been in contact with the show is advised to distance themselves immediately and read a book not written by Bill O’Reilly.”

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12 Comments on "CDC Traces Local Outbreak Of Stupidity To KDKA Afternoon Radio Show"

  1. Shame on KDKA | March 31, 2020 at 2:20 am | Reply

    She outright lies and shame on KDKA for allowing it. She actually was on the air down playing the virus and only changed her tune when the biggest liar, Trump, did.

  2. She is Poisnin The airways with her comments
    I stop listening to KDKA at 3 pm.
    She must go !!

  3. Hey.. Wendy continues to tell it like it is!! She is our Girl Friday!
    The truth stings a little… doesn’t it!!!

  4. Please get red of her.
    Enough with all the propaganda!!!

  5. Stop the madness people. Republicans ought to be ashamed of the hustler in the White House.
    He is the biggest liar I have ever witnessed in my 57 years of life. If you believe anything that comes out of his mouth
    I feel very sad for this world. I serve only one God and he is the FATHER, the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT. There shall be no other Gods before HIM. All we can do is pray for the people and this world.

  6. Wake up non believers! Its a fact that the Coronavirus kills and there is no vaccine! The only way to combat this virus as of today is to stay home to slow the spread ! Pray they can come up with a vaccine soon ! We also need more people tested, then we would have a better understanding of the ratio between how many have it to how many pass away from this dreadful virus.

  7. She is negligent in her commentary, reporting it as fact. She even says, ‘That’s a fact’ when talking about how this whole Coronas virus hype was fear monger omg by the left to go after Trump again. Like the left or any political party has anything to do with the reporting out of Italy, China, or Spain.

  8. Total nonsense. Must have been written by CNN

  9. Love KDKA radio but can’t listen to Wendy Bell praising Donald Trump. Would like her to talk about anything but politics. I usually listen for about 10 minutes then turn off the radio. I think she is rude to anyone who disagrees with her. Please move her to overnight. Love Lynn, Marty, Larry, Mangino, and Eddie.

  10. Really? Ashamed of the truth? What is wrong with you people? People are dying everyday!! Does it have to happen to someone you care about before you get it?

  11. Any Dem should be ashamed

  12. I Love the show finally another opinion and I am a registered Democrat should say I am ashamed to
    Be a Democrat nowdays

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