Century III Mall’s Customer Saddened To Learn It’s Closing Down

Image credit: 'Century III Mall West Mifflin, PA February 2017' by Flickr user Mike Kalasnik license CC BY-SA 2.0.

(Pittsburgh, PA) Century III Mall is scheduled to be auctioned off, meaning that the region’s iconic shopping complex that was once the envy of the nation is going to close down.

The mall’s customer, Janice Starkey of West Mifflin, PA, said she was very sad at the news.

“It was so convenient and there were never any lines.”

It came as a shock as she would go there almost every week, just as she had always done since the early 1980s.

“You’d think 50 visits a year would be enough foot traffic to sustain a mall.”

Sadly, Janice’s other favorite shopping destination, the Parkway Center Mall in Greentree, is already closed.

“I really hate big crowds of two or more, and you never had to put up with those there either.”

Still, Janice says, you can always find what you want if you’re prepared to look a little farther afield.

“Ross Park and the Mall at Robinson are far too much sensory overload for me, but I hear promising things about Pittsburgh Mills, so plan to give that a try.”

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