Chinese Military Cancels Program Targeting US Infrastructure After Intelligence Reveals There’s Nothing To Attack

(Academy of Military Science, Beijing) As part of its military planning, Chinese leaders have long focused on unconventional methods to attack the United States should relations become hostile, including cyber warfare and undermining US infrastructure. The ability to target infrastructure if need be was traditionally seen as a valuable strategic tool. However, sources familiar with the Chinese regime today revealed the program has been dropped.

“We have abandoned efforts to bring US infrastructure to its knees, after learning it is already on its knees.”

Though they say with hindsight it is obvious the evidence was staring them in the face for years, one of their most valuable intelligence assets recently presented it in a way that was impossible to miss.

“That asset is called CNN which passed on crucial information about the power grid in Texas.”

On the basis of that intelligence, military planners in Beijing concluded that all programs targeting US infrastructure should be wound down immediately.

“This is just like when we planned to sow chaos in the United States by knocking out its public health system, only to learn that it was already completely destroyed – assuming it ever existed in the first place.”

Ultimately, they say there’s no point in spending good money on something other people are already prepared to do for them for free.

“Politicians like this Ted Cruz are more than willing to destroy what little infrastructure there is in the United States in exchange for the salaries they are already drawing from the US taxpayer. So we might as well focus exclusively on aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons going forward.”


6 Comments on "Chinese Military Cancels Program Targeting US Infrastructure After Intelligence Reveals There’s Nothing To Attack"

  1. People can’t wait to judge others,rather than look at their own salvation. Soooooo rightious, aren’t we?

  2. Vince Spinello | February 19, 2021 at 9:11 pm | Reply

    Hey Carol, last I checked Ted Cruz is a sellout REPUBLICAN. Proof: not guilty! Sold out to party over country. Not opinion just Facts! Not lies, just FACTS!

  3. Propaganda

  4. It’s disgusting that Ted Cruze went on a vacation leaveing his fellow Texans to freeze to death in wake of the winter storms

  5. Dems or rep. Both same snake different side. Money is the great motivator.

  6. This is why Americans need to vote out Liberals and Democrat’s. They will willingly sell out the United States. Just my opinion.

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