Clinton Selects The Donald J. Trump & Sons Agency To Manage Her Campaign Advertising

Hillary Clinton has made one of the most critical decisions of her campaign thus far – selecting the agency that will manage and produce her campaign advertising in the run-up to November.

Instead of going with one of the traditional agencies long preferred by Democrats, Clinton has chosen the little-known family firm of Donald J. Trump & Sons.

“I can think of no-one better to make my case for me.”

Hillary was pleased to see Trump & Sons have hit the ground running and are already using every available media platform to communicate the message that she must be the next President.

“Donald really is the most incredible ad guy you’ve ever seen. When he’s not organizing TV spots to promote me – which he scripts and stars in himself – he’s working social media to get my message out round the clock.”

Even more impressive are the amazing deals he cuts on TV ad placement, which normally can cost campaigns tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

“I don’t think we’ve seen a bill yet. If I didn’t know how ridiculous it sounded I would say he’s getting them on air for free!”

Husband Bill Clinton cannot speak highly enough of the ‘Mad Man’ who is set to make him the first First Gentlemen.

“This contemporary Don Draper’s dedication to his work is amazing – he literally never stop promoting my wife’s candidacy!”

Trump is aided in his advertising business by his two sons, who seem to have their father’s gift of inspiring people to rush out do their client’s bidding.

“Donald J Trump & Sons have even got Republicans supporting me now, so great are their powers of persuasion.”

A daughter also works at the agency but is not anywhere near as good at advertising according to Clinton, who has requested she be taken off the project.

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