CNN Fact Checker Covering RNC Found Dead From Exhaustion

The newsroom at CNN is in mourning today following the discovery of one of their colleagues dead at her desk early this morning.

“One minute she was fact checking Mike Pence’s address to the RNC and the next she was gone.”

The cable network said it thought it had allocated enough fact checkers to ensure nobody passed from overwork, however their planning had assumed a conventional RNC speaker lineup, and not one that was heavily dominated by Trump family members.

“We calculated staffing levels for a typical lineup of Republican liars from Congress, when we faced the all-time lying dream-team instead.”

The coroner investigating the young person’s sad demise said it was not just the sheer volume of lies she had to fact check but the nature of them too that ultimately did her in.

“All that distortion of truth takes a heavy toll on a right-minded person’s health. I mean who denies a pandemic while it’s still ongoing before our eyes? Excuse me but I have to sit down.”

Fellow fact checkers had worried she might struggle given all she had taken on, but she reassured them she would be fine.

“She thought she was going to have an easy night given it was only Pence headlining. How wrong she was.”

CNN said it has tripled the size of its team of fact checkers as a precaution to prevent anyone else from getting overwhelmed.

“But tonight it’s President Trump’s big acceptance speech, so we expect further casualties all the same.”


50 Comments on "CNN Fact Checker Covering RNC Found Dead From Exhaustion"

  1. O local onde o encontro desses dois sinais ocorre é na medula, no centro da coluna vertebral, porém, a comunicação feita por esses nervos ainda entra em contato com o cérebro, ligando a função erétil a emoções e memórias.

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  4. Get to fuck off

  5. To all the Anti-Trumoers here, if you think Biden, Harris, Sanders, Ocaio, Omar and Warren can Rebuild the Economy that is the Biggest Joke of all! Seriously, God help you All.

  6. Don’t worry Adam, they will accept your way of thinking somewhere…like your local psych ward.

  7. Absolutely amazing how many have no clue that this is SATIRE. No wonder Trump gets away with all his blatant lies.

  8. This girl was working to make a living for herself .this is very sad for her sake..CNN and it’s GREED should be charged for murder .. Clinton owned and another Clinton murder ! Deep State working hard as the old saying goes Digging a hole into China 🇨🇳,and Gets the Democrats nowhere .. .you know what ? This wouldn’t have happened if she was working on all the cheating ,lying ,Evil of Creepy,Sleepy Joe Biden or revengeful, Sergeant I Hate America you will pay when I get in Harris …

  9. Some of these responses prove my theory that the last 3 1/2 years have murdered WISSP: Wit, Irony, Sarcasm, Satire, and Parody.

  10. It is really sad that most of the people who condemned this article were sincere. Once again I am amazed at the ignorance of the general populace in that they are unable to recognize is solidly satirical article. I thoroughly enjoyed the article because it brightened my entire week and made me laugh uproariously. Thank you Adam.

  11. Poor girl… I feel the same when Pence , Dondo , Jared, Kellyanne open their mouths. All I hear is background of a Charlie Brown cartoon .. Waaannn, Waaaan Waaaaaaaaannnn.

  12. CNN the biggest liars of them all,trying to act innocent while fact checking honest men like the Vice President!

  13. She passed from vertigo while trying to spin the truth…

  14. Dumb-a.. Dem’s, leave it up to them to pull such a stupid joke!!! Democrats are all evil!!
    Mike Kersh

  15. Google it and nothing about a fact checker dying comes up.

  16. OMG!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is exactly how I feel every time Trump opens his mouth and watch the spewing starts coming out. So I guess I have died a thousand deaths. 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Thank you CNN!!!

  17. OMG the comments are HILARIOUS! People don’t realize it’s a satire piece and meant as a joke!

    • These are Trump cult zombies, brainwashed and brain dead, the nuances of satire seems to completely overwhelm them. These same people live in an alternative reality where Trump and Pence are considered truthful.

  18. I guess she couldn’t find anything false and CNN killed her for it.

  19. Abuses from the GOP as long as they got away with it they keep on lying non-stop

  20. What a blatant, hateful article abusing this woman’s death for political propaganda! You seriously should be ashamed of yourselves, the writer, the editor and the publisher. Totally disgusting.

  21. Patricia Bryant | August 27, 2020 at 6:20 pm | Reply

    This is heartbreaking — NO employer should require this from an emplyee😢She appears to have have been a young lady trying to make a living — Rest In Peace sweet young lady 😢😢😢😢

  22. Kathryn McCullough | August 27, 2020 at 6:12 pm | Reply

    This news article is totally beyond belief. Blaming the republicans for the death of an employee. I am a Democrat and I can’t condone this type of accusations against any political party. How your biases are showing.

  23. James W Peterson | August 27, 2020 at 5:52 pm | Reply

    It would be easier on CNN employees if they were tasked with finding truths during RNC speeches. They would have much less work to do.

  24. Consider the source here: CNN, the consummate example of what FAKE NEWS means.

    • FAKE NEWS…a term coined by Trump that accurately describes everything he says….kind of like his idea that we should all inject household cleaning solution. That was FAKE NEWS directly from the horse’s (or shall I say Jack Ass’s) mouth.

      • Adam you are wrong. Trump did not create “Fake News” it was a liberal college professor who created the term. Trump made most of the common sense world that it applies to the msm.

  25. You must be warped to write such an article or totallly consumed with political hate. See a doctor

    • But it’s okay for Trump to openly mock a disabled person? This is a harmless article meant to drive home a point of truth about the ridiculousness of Trump and his disposable swamp mates. What is far worse is a sitting President spreading actual lies, not for satire, but to gain power over the unintelligent.

      If you took this article seriously….PLEASE tell me you don’t leave your house.

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