Cold Weather Forces Pitt Student To Wear Longest Pair Of Shorts

Image credit: adapted from 'Brrr! Minus 9 degrees were here in Pittsburgh' by Flickr user daveynin license CC BY 2.0.

With temperatures stuck in the single digits, Pitt Engineering major Jason Friese said he has been forced to dig through the clothes in his dorm to find the longest pair of shorts he has in order to withstand the bitter cold.

“I was fine when it was 16°F, but this is ridiculous!”

The student, who has expressed an interest in avionics, has always has a laid back attitude according to his professors, so the extra two inches of cloth Jason is using to fend off frostbite took them by surprise.

“This kid will be designing airplanes you’ll fly in one day. Think about that.”

Jason said the decision was a tough one, but ultimately Mother Nature is the boss.

“They go almost below the knee so I do feel uncomfortably overdressed, but better safe than sorry!”

Jason asks that nobody tell his mom what he’s wearing, as she’ll just get on his case.

6 Comments on "Cold Weather Forces Pitt Student To Wear Longest Pair Of Shorts"

  1. Ummm…this is a satire site @Aleta….lighten up or maybe read the headline? Jeez.

  2. @Aleta – they actually are the clothes police and fashion critic.

  3. As a woman who lived in central PA where temps were typically colder than what Pittsburgh sees today, who attended Catholic school for 12 years in the 50s and 60s, I’m going to just laugh. No long pants were allowed for girls then. Typical school uniforms allowed ankle socks, knee high socks, and stockings – but not tights. In grade school our moms might have been able to convince us to wear “snow pants” under our uniforms, but not in high school. I don’t see a wearing skirt as any different than wearing shorts. Wear what suits you.

    • Yup- bare legs for public school girls in Virginia winters until 1970. Tho in Massachusetts schools we did add long pants. And boys short have some crotch coverage. Girl’s skirts not so much.

  4. As a mom- windburn and frostbite are things ….

  5. What does it matter if someone chooses to wear shorts in cold weather? You aren’t the clothes police, nor the fashion critic. Mind your own business.

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