Colgate-Palmolive To Consider Rebranding Drunk Irish Bastard Soap

Leading household and personal care products manufacturer Colgate-Palmolive (NYSE: CL) has announced it may rebrand its popular Drunk Irish Bastard line of personal hygiene offerings, including its market-leading Drunk Irish Bastard soap bar. It is reportedly considering the change in light of evolving social mores.

Beloved by many non-Irish people, it features a familiar character of a violent anti-social Irish degenerate first introduced by the Colgate company in 1883. However critics say the popular icon was created during a bygone period when the Irish in the United States were routinely demonized, and that the use of such tropes in the present day is wrong and reinforces subtle biases.

But lovers of Drunk Irish Bastard soap say this is tantamount to erasing history and that it’s nothing more than a harmless lovable character to remind people to wash their hands so they don’t stink to high heaven like some filthy useless Paddy.


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