Commission On Presidential Debates Requests Loan Of Prop From Silence Of The Lambs

Saying that it was revising its format in light of how Tuesday night went, the 2020 Commission On Presidential Debates has secured the use of a well-known prop from the classic 1991 thriller, The Silence Of The Lambs, staring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster.

“It’s like it was custom made for our needs!”

The iconic device will be utilized to vocally restrain one of the participants who cannot be identified, with modifications made to allow moderators to loosen the mouth guard with the flick of a switch when desired.

“Most importantly they will also be able to forcefully re-affix it when the other person is supposed to have the floor, or when they’re trying to finish their question.”

In addition to solving the problems plaguing the first debate, the whole-body-restraint feature of the device will provide added comfort to all.

“With its furniture-dolly design replete with security straps you need not worry about the ‘cargo’ getting loose and ‘hulking about’.

Though that wasn’t an issue during the first Trump-Biden debate, the commission says you don’t need a long memory to see how that could quickly become a problem.

“Just ask Hillary Clinton.”


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