Confederacy-Loving Racist Uncle Fears He’s Going To Be Taken Down This Thanksgiving

A local man who does not wished to be named has said his turkey dinner may be the latest victim of Trump’s Presidency – which he enthusiastically supported until now. This is because he is the racist Uncle of his extended family, and fears the current political climate does not bode well for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

“I have not have my invitation rescinded yet, but I do fear I will only be allowed come so I can be publically taken down in front of the whole family.”

He had hoped his family would carry on the tradition of exposing everyone to his angry racist tirades, just as they keep up all the other family traditions.

“I’ve been faithfully doing this since 1968.”

But he senses with statues celebrating the Confederacy coming down every day, that his family will have finally moved on.

“Clearly people are no longer willing to tolerate old relics who wish the South had won, so it looks like a Swanson Hungry-Man dinner for me this Thanksgiving.”

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