Country Not Being Invaded Or Manipulated By Russia Feeling Neglected

(Chișinău, Moldova) Morale is very low in the independent Republic of Moldova these days, which is being attributed to the lack of Russian interference in the country’s affairs.

Despite the being a former member of the Soviet Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Vladimir Putin has apparently made no effort to manipulate elections or invade the country.

“If Putin needs a pretext we have the pro-Russian Trans-Dniester breakaway region, but he just doesn’t seem interested.”

President Igor Dodon even make a recent visit to NATO headquarters to obtain security guarantees – all in an attempt to catch Putin’s roving eye.

“I practically offered up a golden opportunity for him to embarrass NATO by sending tanks in, but nothing.”

Sadly, the Moldovian leadership fear they are no longer considered important enough to be worth the Russian leader’s attention.

“Now that he’s exercising control over the United States, I guess little countries like us don’t matter anymore.”

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