Cow’s Lawsuit Against Owner Of “David Nunes’ Cow” Twitter Account Backfires

A cow from Iowa is suing Twitter and the owner of the “David Nunes’ Cow” twitter account, on the basis that it is the cow that is being mocked via puns relating to its physiology and behavior.

The cow says it is manifestly clear it is the the animal being parodied by the account, and accused the owner of ‘seriously damaging my reputation as a member of the bovine species’.

It is also suing for emotional harm, saying it has been subjected to a barrage of online abuse since the account appeared, including people telling it to ‘not have a what-you-are’ and criticizing it for ‘milking the situation’.

Seasoned attorneys say the suit should never have been filed in the first place.

“Obviously this is a very unintelligent cow, otherwise it would have realized that taking this action serves only to make the David Nunes’ Cow account even more popular.”

Defenders of the cow point out that, as a ruminating animal whose only knowledge of the world is hanging out in a field producing milk, it could not be expected to understand how technology, media, and publicity work. It should therefore not be treated too harshly for making such an incredibly stupid move.

“Remember it’s just a cow.”

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  1. Was this supposed to be funny?

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