CPAC Brief: “We don’t want anything from the Government” Says Moron Who Lives Off The Government

(Dallas, TX) Conservatives gathered in Texas for CPAC 2021 were exposed to an exhibit of extreme moronicity this weekend, though most appeared not to recognize the significance of the occasion they were witness too.  The moron in question, Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert, told a captive audience that she doesn’t want anything – especially any kind of benefits – from the government, despite the fact that she herself draws a salary and myriad generous benefits from the United States federal government. CPAC attendees appeared unable to process the massive incongruity before them, though many are thought to exhibit similar traits themselves, such as profiting from businesses that depend on massive government subsidies for underpaid workers. The incident is not expected to be the last display of moronicity at the event.

2 Comments on "CPAC Brief: “We don’t want anything from the Government” Says Moron Who Lives Off The Government"

  1. Lynn, it’s all laid out in this little article.
    She works for the government, hence takes the benefits she is giving, from the government. You can decline any benefits offered to you…..sooo, follow me here, she takes accepts money from the government. Not that difficult. She also accepts the pay check from the government, and will get one from us even if she quits tomorrow, for the rest of her life. Think she will be declining those benefits as well, not likely.

  2. Lynn M Richardson | July 15, 2021 at 5:04 pm | Reply

    Seriously? Having a job with benefits is NOT LIVING OFF THE GOVERNMENT!!!! Who is the fn moron who wrote this, and who are the fn morons who think this is true??????

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