Dedicated Prison Facility Under Construction To House Trump Associates

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has announced it is constructing a new facility near Washington, DC, to house all the associates of the President expected to soon be in their care.

The current system can only absorb so much.”

Trump associates currently incarcerated elsewhere will be moved into the new facility as soon as it it ready.

We’re working round the clock to finish it, as we know it will be needed very very soon.”

The state-of-the-art detention center will provide inmates with relatively comfortable surroundings, include access to fast food and cable TV.

Normally there’d be a prison library too, but we figured it wouldn’t get used much, especially by Prisoner #1 when he arrives.”

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  1. Wow. Hopefully there is a wing dedicated to untruthful and corrupt journalists who clearly wear their political beliefs on their sleeve like some sort of Soviet Political officer.

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