Defense To Argue Derek Chauvin Mistook His Knee For A Taser

Attorneys representing former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin indicated they would be pursuing a new line of defense going forward which they say completely exonerates their client.

“Mister Chauvin’s only crime was mistaking his knee for his taser.”

They intend to prove Chauvin only intended to legitimately deploy his taser during the initial moments of the incident when he believed George Floyd was resisting him.

“Following the tragic incident our client said ‘I can’t believe I kneeled on that guy’s neck for over 9 minutes and asphyxiated him to death!’ which is clear evidence he merely intended to tase Mr. Floyd instead.”

They say if there is any culpability it lies with the Police Department, which provided no training to help those in the field differentiate between a knee to the neck and a less lethal taser.

“Our client was flying blind out there.”

To bolster their case, they plan to highlight many well-known similar incidents over the past few years, where officers who intended to issue a simple ticket for a broken tail light mistook their service weapon for a pen.

“All they meant to do was point a pen in remonstration and go ‘tsk tsk tsk’ and before they know it they’ve shot someone five times!”

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