Democrat Race Tight But Still Favors “Who Cares Just Save Us From Trump”

Du bist gefeuert!

Interest in the Democratic primary battle between frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has only heightened after the latter’s unexpected win in Indiana, and there is still no sign of voters coalescing around a single candidate yet which could make the convention in Philadelphia a lively one.

However a more openly-worded MORI poll found a resounding consensus still exists for “Who Cares Just Save Us From Trump”. Support for “Who Cares Just Save Us From Trump” is also strong amongst independents and and increasingly sizable number of registered Republicans.

Meanwhile an AP poll that asked voters who they would be most happy to see in power assuming it had to be a Republican unearthed a wide variety of responses including “I Suppose I Could Tolerate John McCain Or Mitt Romney If I Had To”, “A Block Of Wood”, and even “Let’s Invite Britain To Make Us A Colony Again”.

The fact that Trump is already certain to be the GOP nominee suggests there is a large degree of denial taking place.

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