Democrats To Help Out Bankrupt NRA By Sending It Millions Of Thoughts And Prayers

The National Rifle Association has announced that it is facing a severe funding crisis and that it may not be able to continue to exist. On hearing the sad news, Democrats across the nation pledged to give the gun-advocacy group tangible assistance to avert that unpleasant fate.

“Get ready for millions of thoughts and prayers coming your way.”

They said they initially thought of sending money or passing legislation to reduce the risk of the NRA being hit by stray lawsuits, but then remembered what the NRA and its traditional supporters had taught them about the right course of action.

“Thought and prayers are the appropriate response in the face of existential threats. Sorry we almost forgot.”

Another thought they had was that the NRA should focus on highlighting all of the children of its employees who will suffer if it ceases operation.

“That’s surely worth another few hundred thousand thoughts and prayers at least.”


33 Comments on "Democrats To Help Out Bankrupt NRA By Sending It Millions Of Thoughts And Prayers"

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  5. Sending my thoughts to the NRA that they just give up. We don’t need your kind of patriotism. Disband and leave for your mother Russia AND take your fucking pussy-grabbing dolt with YOU. I guarantee you WILL NOT BE MISSED!

  6. Greg Wheat | May 4, 2019 at 9:46 pm | Reply

    If they cut back their spending on propaganda and spend more on teaching gun safety they would do more good.

  7. Dead kids dad | May 4, 2019 at 9:33 am | Reply

    My thoughts: they really shoot themselves in the foot.
    My prayers: that this will be a swift and final ending to this demented organization.

  8. Cliff in the Pacific NW | May 1, 2019 at 11:29 pm | Reply

    As I grew up with guns I thought the NRA was about gun safety training. Somehow along the way it was taken over by so-called patriots. It appears to have dropped safety and morphed into a lobbying arm of right-wing Republicans. Its hard line against ANY gun regulation has disgusted me. To hunt or to defend your home, you do not need an automatic rifle. Yet the NRA champions them. The result? Dozens (hundreds maybe? of innocent people–mostly children–have been slain due to the ease with which these weapons can be bought.

    • You didn’t learn the difference between an automatic weapon and a semi-auto weapon in your brief sojourn into thinking about the NRA?

  9. as for the National Rifle Association, never a member – never interested – never owned a rifle – only an old gifted, bolt-action, single-shot 20 ga. shotgun, with a cracked stock – virtually worthless, but still functional – I use it for training my bird dog – yes, we hunt, but only for the dog’s training – never even load till he’s steady on point and I’m moving in to flush the bird – never shoot any bird my dog doesn’t handle perfectly to AKC Hunt Test standards, what we train for: steady to wing, shot, fall and release to retrieve – do eat what we harvest, but often shoot at nothing, just to mark the dog’s steadiness – Field Trial standard – bird just flies off, dog has to hold steady – no chasing

    I can write all this here anonymously, but hesitate to do so in sight of about half my liberal friends, to whom all guns of any kind are ‘evil’, and all hunting of any kind equally ‘evil’ and likewise anyone around it who refuses to denounce it: ‘evil’, ‘evil’, ‘evil’ – I never argue with them, just invite them to the training field to see what we really do – only difference between training and hunting is that occassionally a wild bird gets shot – never on the training field – also, on the hunting field anythig can happen, particularly encounters with coyotes, porcupines, mountain lions, badgers, otters, etc.

    as for NRA’s money problems, well heck, how’s that any different from The Don’s half-dozen bankrupt casinos?

    • Hey, I’ll never hunt but I know it has its place & its adherents. I only ask that its fine humanely, legally and that what is hunted is utilized. You more than ticked all those boxes.

      The NRA is not a hunting organization. It’s an organization that imo is beyond the reach of reason, compassion & certainly, common sense. What you’re describing bears zero resemblance to what the NRA proselytize. Yours is a belived sporting activity which allows you to spend time with your beloved dogs. It’s like night & day. I 😊

    • Suggesting that all people who oppose the NRA’s strident “all guns for all people all the time” platform is to view guns as “evil, evil evil” is just unfair.

      Shooting is fun. Hunting is fun. But the NRA’s opposition to common sense legislation like not allowing people with a history of domestic abuse or mental illness to buy guns does make a lot of sense.

      • There is an instant background check in place that is supposed to address the problems with mentally ill people from buying guns and anyone that has a history of domestic abuse is also flagged for a denile response and no gun for them. They also ask if your a illegal alien or a fugitive from justice. The NRA has never been opposed to making sure that guns don’t get into the wrong hands. They do try to stop anti gun nuts like Bloomberg and Hillary from taking away our right to own a gun legally completely. Look at Australia. They took everyone’s legally owned guns and now the only guns in that country are owned by criminals and murderers. And none of the good honest people can defend themselves. The NRA has done more for the USA than Bloomberg or Hillary ever will. Everyone is blaming the guns for being bad. I own 3 AR-15 semi auto carbines and I keep them locked in my gun case. Over the years there has not been any instance of gun violence in that case. Not even an argument. Blame the responsible parties for violence. Parenting is a forgotten art now. The laws are worthless now since they have to be politically correct. The world needs the NRA to keep the armed good guy safe. As it is if your robbed and shoot the armed robber you don’t get thanked for helping clean up the riff Raff , you get sued and arrested. Where is that right? Just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

  10. Thoughts and Prayers NRA…You’ll need them..

  11. Just audit their fake lifetime membership tolls. With so many suicides, accidental deaths, misfire of guns, in home murders, having your own gun used to kill you…I’m betting they don’t have half the claimed 5MIL members.
    It used to be a gun safety group until this Zionist gun nut splinter group split off and started it’s lobbying for Carlyle Group of weapons manufacturers(MIComplex)
    It is classed as nonprofit in NY but will have that revoked soon.
    It’s just not as big as it claims

    • “The NRA used to be a gun safety group”

      Was that before or after that Zionist, Moses, parted the Red Sea?

    • Carolyn King | May 3, 2019 at 10:39 am | Reply

      Say what? This is some bizarre anti-Zionist alternate news that I haven’t heard about. Can we blame them for climate change, too?

  12. Doug McConnaughey | May 1, 2019 at 10:57 am | Reply

    I’m from IdahO. I OWN GUNS. We need restrictions. We don’t need the NRA. Lets send them back to Mother Russia.

  13. Terrorist organization.

    • Well then I must be a terrorist because I am a proud member. And by the way, if terrorists attack you or your family I will not hesitate to protect you with my legally owned guns. Even if you are a mental deficient!

  14. To Catherine Wood. Investigate Liberal Gun Owners. A real organization. With a real world thoughtful agenda

  15. “I think they are just hired crisis actors”. said Ruger Kolishnikov, a resident of Colt, PA. “Everyone knows you cannot ‘bankrupt’ a corporation that has been proven to be morally bankrupt for decades.”

  16. As you sow so shall you reap

  17. Trump always blames the Victim, so NRA it’s your own fault!
    If you would support meaningful gun control, we would gleefully support you! I Would

  18. My thoughts and prayers are with the NRA.

  19. Die NRA! You evil muderous wing nut club for lying gasbags.

  20. Taft Chatham | August 5, 2018 at 5:15 pm | Reply

    I’ve got a graphic you might like (clean, not mean). You have an email adress?

  21. David Berner | August 5, 2018 at 3:33 pm | Reply


    NRA means the National Rifle Association???

    And all these years I thought it meant National Rhubarb Amalgam. Rhubarb has always been my favorite pie.

    I will be sending the real NRA my troughs and pliers.

  22. Too good to be true, just like when Texas said it would secede. If only.

  23. My thoughts and prayers for the NRA.

  24. It’s quite the coincidence that their money woes started when their Honey Pot, Maria Butina, was cut off. No more money laundering…no more money. Boo effin’ hoo!!

  25. Catherine Wood | August 4, 2018 at 1:25 am | Reply

    I like it. My husband voted for Trump.(More accurately, he voted against Clinton). He is a gun collector. He collects examples of guns used in wars. We both have gun I.D.s and are members of the NRA, but I do not support their political agenda. It is proof of the strength of our marriage that it is surviving, despite the current situation. I support gun restrictions.

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