Democrats Terrified Trump’s Legal Team Will Mount Unassailable Insanity Defense

Following the highly successful presentation of their impeachment case in the Senate, Democrats expressed deep concern today that President Trump’s team will respond by mounting an insanity defense.

Such an approach, if successful, would mean Trump cannot be found guilty. Lead House Manager Jamie Raskin said such a ploy could be a devastating to their case.

“The sheer amount of evidence they could bring to bear to back up an insanity plea is staggering.”

It would also present a terrible conundrum for democratic senators who would then feel compelled to acquit the President of anything and everything.

“We said we would act with reason, and how can you not reasonably find this President to be stark raving mad?”

They fear Trump’s legal team could go even further by claiming that the President cannot be held accountable for uttering falsehoods.

“They could argue any lies he told are not his fault because he is biologically incapable of not lying – which they can back up with everything he has ever said or done since birth.”

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  1. Ihave nothing to say to Charles. If he wants to snub out VP Pence then so be it
    The Queen loved Trump and Pence. Sorry you are missing out on being friends with your closest allai . You will be sorry for your rude actions. America had England’s back now but maybe not when you take over.

  2. Yeah the Democrats are afraid that all their criminal crime’s against Americans will be exposed. I was a democrat but I #walkedaway..

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